30 days, 2 photographers, 1 winner…


Final Results!

Going to quickly shoot through the rest of these results from Round 24-Round 29:

Round 24: FFA–James with “Curious Internet”
Round 25: Creepy–James with “Count the Legs”
Round 26: Negative Space–Nathan with “Fetch”
Round 27: Abstract–TIE
Round 28: Window–James with “Of the Face”
Round 29: The End–James with “Withered”

The Overall results:
James secured 25 wins, Nathan secured 6 wins (ties included for both).

Congratulations James, for winning Photo Fight 3!
Thank you to Nathan for fighting the good fight and seeing this project through to the end!

Also a hearty thanks to all the faithful voters and viewers–this sort of thing is a pretty futile gesture without audience participation. 🙂

Photo Fight will be taking the month of August off–we’re setting up logistics for the next few fights.
We’re looking to come up with a fresh list of themes, as well as try making some changes to our system.
Suggestions are appreciated and welcome as we continue to make this project beneficial to photographers and enjoyable for you viewers.

In the meantime, y’all should be out taking pictures, making art, and hunting down those unexpected moments!
See you in September!


Round 30: Self Portraits and Reflections

Well, here we are! Day 30 of Photo Fight 3.
Today is not so much a proper Photo Fight round as it is a chance to hear from our two combatant photographers as they reflect on what it’s like to shoot an image every day for a month. Not just to shoot, but to submit it for public viewing and scrutiny.
For that willingness to be subjected to constant critique from strangers, I want to thank and congratulate James and Nathan for being willing to take this chance and for successfully coming to the end of it.

Before we get on to self-portraits and reflections, a couple of notes on results and voting! Tomorrow, the 31st, is the proper last day of Photo Fight 3. Which is to say, all results from these last several rounds will be posted. So please vote for the next 24 hours on all the still-open polls! Tomorrow afternoon I will make the final announcement and we’ll bring this puppy to an official close.

Enough from me! On to the Photo Fighters!

Digital photography makes it possible to try a lot of different things without consideration for the cost of developing film. During the photo fight, I learned that taking lots of different photos was key for finding the right photo to submit.

This was the first time that I had ever done photography in an artistic capacity, and as I went further in the photo fight, I discovered how complex photography can be.

I learned a lot about different styles of photography (abstract, negative space, etc.), and I saw how photographers could use them to express different feelings or ideas. Because photography deals with objects that exist in the real world (as opposed to images manipulated in Photoshop), real photography involves being ready for scenes to appear and actively seeking good scenes to capture. As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand cliches.


Taking pictures as an art form was an entirely new experience for me. I’d obviously taken pictures in the way many people had, for family vacations and of friends at special events, but I had never attempted to convey anything beyond ‘Hey, remember when we all did this thing together?’ It was a growing experience for me.

I ‘signed up’ for this contest almost by accident; I wrote a message to one of the admins (who write those oh-so-hilarious introductions to each vote) to let them know that I appreciated the site. The next thing I knew, I was finding opponents and competing.

Thirty days later, I learned a lot. I took some pictures I’m proud of, some that I felt were just last-minute gotta-hit-the-deadline pictures, and at least a few that are somewhere between the two. Sometimes my eyes were more capable then my lens, but other times the picture came out better than I expected. One way or the other, pictures are powerful methods of communication.

Round 29: The End (Results for Round 23)

Round 23: Free For All, James’ “Ambition” attained victory over Nathan’s “Tools at Rest”, which are now Resting In Peace.

Round 29: The End! Due to some understandable confusion over whether or not “The End” was a theme or the declaration of the legitimate end of Photo Fight 3, this update is a tad late. But The End is no longer nigh, it is here!

Round 28: Windows (Results for Round 22)

Round 22: Water results had James’ “Flow” catching a big wave of victory and leaving Nathan’s “Dry Humor” all wet. Or high and dry.

Round 28: Windows. There are a number of ways to interpret “windows”. One way could be an operating system preferred by computer-owners who don’t like apples and penguins. Here are two other ways of seeing windows.

Round 27: Abstract (Results for Round 21)

Well well. Results for Round 21 are in, and we’ve got a tie! With 6 votes each, James’ “Shy” and Nathan’s “Aggressive Course in Botany” grew into one harmonious clump! Awww…

As for Round 27 it’s abstractions all the way. Abstractions with the camera can be one of the most painterly things the mechanical camera can manage. Whether it’s blurring the focus or zooming in to find unexpected patterns in every-day details, abstract photography is the purest expression of “finding the unexpected in the everyday”.

Round 26: Negative Space (Results Round 20)

Round 20 was the toy-round with castles and creatures escaping other creatures. The results are in, and it seems James’ “Model Warfare” won with a 2 vote lead over Nathan’s “Renown and Grace is Dead”.

Round 26 is all about negative space. Not that kind of space that’s full of grumpy people but the kind of space that has nothing in it, even grumpy people. Or properly, the emptiness which exists around a something. Which, now that I think about it, is kind of the definition of space–absence, as opposed to presence. If something is there, it’s not space, it’s place.

Anyway! Vote away!

Round 25: Creepy (Results for Round 19)

Round 19-Texture. Whooooooa. Apparently you viewers were extremely hungry because James’ “Popcorn” received 17 votes more than Nathan’s “Ruff”. Though in retrospect, if you all *were* hungry, I’m glad you went for the ceiling popcorn and not mobbing to eat the puppy.

Round 25: Creepy! Ooky-spooky, oogy-boogy, etc. When I think of creepy things, I think of disembodied hands floating down to land lightly on my shoulder. Or a screaming face appearing in the middle of TV static. Or being stuck in the middle of freeway traffic and realizing your tank is empty. OoooOOOoooooh! *finger wiggle*

Anyway! Here it comes… Creepy!

Round 24: Free For All (Results for Round 18)

Round 18: Sunrise/Sunset–James’ “Mental Sunrise” won over Nathan’s “Name a Shade of Paint After It” by a margin of merely 3 votes.

Round 24: Free For All! Which will you choose–the tankards for bookworms or the LAN cable that wants to be your friend?

Round 23: Free For All (Results for Round 17)

So it turns out I DO have internet access while I’m out, so here’s the post anyway!

Results for Round 17: Free For All, James’ “Looking Up” distracted all the wedding guests in Nathan’s “What Bwings Us Togevah Today” and won the day.

Round 23! Ah, Free For Alls. So eclectic. So full of lazy kitchen-cleaning utensils and wheel-chair-bound stickmen who dream of better things.

Round 22: Water (Results for Round 16)

I will be gone this weekend so we’ll have to cram posts on Monday! My apologies in advance.

Round 16 saw James’ “The Takeover” creep into victory over Nathan’s “Woof” by the margin of a single vote. (Side note: Interestingly, the total number of votes for Round 16 was 9. The total number of votes for Round 11 was 23. Not sure what happened between Round 11 and Round 16!)

For Round 22, our theme is water!